Social Injustice

Cold Hard Truth
By Davon Motley Sr.

Upper class. Middle class. Lower class. Convicts.
We are the bottom class of society. Our lives are products of well designed plans.
The neighborhoods we live in were hand picked for people like me. The “Projects” I grew up in were social “projects” for families in poverty like mine. The schools with ten year old books and underpaid teachers make it impossible for anyone to gain intellect. No job training or realistic higher education options. Its by design that the communities where the roads are falling apart have families that are broken as well. All the men in these house holds are in jail, prison or a local cemetery. The drugs in our communities make their way from places outside this country. The guns in our communities come from outside this country. The healthcare we receive is price gouging and forcing families to choose between health procedures or putting food on the table. The cycle of men going to prison and their sons following in their footsteps will never stop. Being bunkies with your cousins and friends is insane. How do we clean up our acts?? How do we stop this cycle?? How do we get out of poverty?? 
Hard work!!
I’m tired.. I’m drained.. I’m depressed with the life I’m currently living!!
I wake up and I’m confused..
I shouldn’t be away from my children!!
I need to be building an empire for them right now!!
And I will!!
We have to do better! Period!!
As-Salaamu Alaikum,
Hello my name is Abdul Haleem. May Allah bless you and your families. I wish everyone peace and blessings and enjoy ALL of OUR work. Reach me through the “GettingOut” app or US mail. Please be safe out there and stay beautiful!
Thank You!